27. — 30. 7. 2023


27. — 30. 7. 2023


Stage / 1
Prostějov - Uničov

Start of the race: 12:30
Presumed end: 16:32 - 16:44
Stage length: 167.8 km
Ascended altitude meters: 2,187 m

A warm-up stage that is not too long. But over 2,000 vertical metres, it's a test for all the legs in the peloton. However, it's very likely that the main field will stay together and make a spurt in finish. I dare say this will be the only chance for the sprinters, as the next stages will not offer such an easy finish.



An elegant city of poetic festivals with a castle, several churches and two town halls: the old Renaissance one and the new one with a clock and a 66-metre high tower - this is Prostějov. Thanks to its location in the plains of Haná, it is ideal for cycling; it is also convenient to reach the Plumlov Dam recreation area.



Uničov is situated in a place where the plains of Haná rise slowly to the first spurs of Hrubý and Nízký Jeseník. The rulers envisaged that the town, like Jihlava and Kutná Hora, could become a centre for precious metal mining, but the deposits were not significant and the grand plans never came to fruition.

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Stage map

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