25.–28. 7. 2024


25.–28. 7. 2024

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Official Race Guide

Race history, teams, maps, profiles, stage details. In short, everything you need to know about the Czech Tour.

The History of Czech Tour

The history of cycling race Czech Tour (former SAZKA Tour) started in 2009 under the name Czech Cycling Tour and its second edition was won by the current director of the race Leopold König. The event has quickly improved its quality and became a part of the 1st Category of UCI Europe Tour.



Online and TV

Newly, this year's race will also be available on Czech TV! Each stage will be broadcast live on CT Sport for the last 90 minutes of each of the four parts. Lots of information, interviews, fresh photos and videos, text coverage, livetiming and official results can be found here on the website. Also visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Where to cheer

At the start of each stage you can watch the teams' performances and an attractive programme is also prepared for you at the finish. Every day there will be cultural performances, competitions, award ceremonies etc. The ceremonial presentation of all the teams with a rich accompanying programme will take place on Wednesday 24 July in Olomouc. More information can be found here.


Accompanying programme

Stage 1, July 25:
11:40 start of the programme
11:50 introduction of the teams
12:40 opening ceremony
13:00 start
14:00 accompanying programme in the activation zone
15:00 opening ceremony
15:30 live TV broadcast
16:30 expected finish of the stage
16:45 announcement of the winners

Stage 3, July 27:
Moravská Třebová
10:50 start of the programme
11:00 introduction of the teams
11:50 opening ceremony
12:10 start
Dlouhé stráně
13:45 opening ceremony
14:15 live TV broadcast
15:25 expected finish of the stage
15:40 awards ceremony

Stage 2, July 26:
11:10 start of the programme
11:20 introduction of the teams
12:10 opening ceremony
12:30 start
15:10 opening ceremony
15:40 live TV broadcast
16:40 expected finish of the stage
17:00 awards ceremony

Stage 4, July 28:
9:40 start of the programme
9:50 introduction of the teams
10:40 opening ceremony
11:00 start
11:30 accompanying programme in the activation zone
12:30 opening ceremony
13:00 live TV broadcast
14:05 expected finish of the stage
14:20 awards ceremony


We want to be good neighbours and restrict traffic as little as possible in the area where the race will take place. At the same time, we take the utmost care of the safety of spectators and cyclists. In most cases, we only use a rolling road closure for the shortest possible time. Roads will be closed just before the peloton passes and always open after the peloton passes. Maps and leaflets with the closures can be downloaded here.

It will not be possible to get to Pustevny by car on Friday 26 July 2024. Please use regular bus routes, the cable car from Trojanovice, your own bike or walking route. We are very sorry for the restriction, but we will make up for it with the experience of finishing the second stage of the prestigious race, which is attended by the best teams in the world. The expected finish of the stage is at 16:40 right at the top.
How else to get to Pustevny can be found here.

Do you have a question? Contact us.


UCI Climate Charter

We protect nature and respect the principles of sustainability. That's why we were one of the first to sign the UCI Climate Charter. We have decided to actively contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change, which is the biggest modern challenge to our lives and to cycling itself. We will be part of the solution, together with you. We have taken several steps to reduce the emissions produced by our race by 2030. At the same time, we will actively promote equal opportunities.



About the company SAZKA a.s.

SAZKA a.s. is the largest and oldest lottery company in the Czech Republic with about 95% market share in the market of lotteries and other similar games. The company's main lottery products are number lotteries with the most famous game Sportka.

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